Essay 2 Drugs

For your first article assignment, you will need to read the article  below and write a short discussion paper on opioid deaths in the United  States. As part of your conclusion, in your opinion discuss what kind of  programs must be provided to prevent opioid addiction and related  deaths for those 15-34 years of age in Mississippi.  In the article you  will read this age group increasingly attributes to the overall opioid  deaths in the U.S.  Article Attached
Include your name, course number and date on your paper. A title page  and/or reference page is not required. However, within the body of your  paper you must appropriately cite your work. The content of your  summary must be at least 2 1/2 typed pages (doubled space, Time New  Roman 12 font, using APA writing style). This assignment can be  submitted as a text entry or as a word document.The post Essay 2 Drugs first appeared on Nursing School Essays.