5 Chemistry 500 Word Essays

Essay Outline
I. Introduction
A. Hook- interesting statement
B. Thesis- what are you writing to prove
C. Preview- a sentence which describes each of your three (or more)
II. Main Point 1
A. A review of what you said in your preview statement that relates to
this point.
B. An analysis and further description of your point
C. Quotes and evidence from the text to prove your point
III-IVRepeat above for main points 2 and 3
V. Conclusion
A. Summary of your points
B. Release the reader- let them know that you have proved your point


5 essays of 500 words EACH in APA format, based on Barron’s E-Z Chemistry, are to be completed and submitted in the areas of:


1.definition of matter


2.definition and characteristics of water


3.theories of acids, bases


4.definition of organic chemistry


5.the impact of nuclear activity in our environment.

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