a dating service video talking to a potential date

 Instructions: Part One:
Write one paragraph description of approximately 400 words. Include an intro and conclusion sentence. Your audience in the first paragraph is to be like a cover letter to a prospective employer; speak directly to that specific boss and describe yourself to earn that job or promotion. You may use second person in this audience assignment (BOTH PARAGRAPHS) only.

Part Two:
Next, write a second paragraph (only one more of approximately 400 words) about yourself that would appeal to one of the following people as your audience; again, you may use second person. Make sure your details, tone, and choice of language are appropriate to your audience. NOTE THAT IN THIS ASSIGNMENT ONLY, YOU SHOULD USE SECOND PERSON TO ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE.

a) a dating service video talking to a potential date
b) a kindergarten class on career or parents day (make sure your language consists of words a small child would know)
c) best friend’s fearful pet that you are pet sitting (talk directly to the pet, so the words should be pretty simple).
d) police officer who has pulled you over
e) website of your favorite entertainer, sports hero, politician, or other famous person as if you entered a contest to win a private dinner
f) high school seniors on career day

This approximately 800 word total assignment (both paragraphs go in the same file, not separate ones) is due to the dropbox.

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Academic Level: College

Paper Format: APA