READ the instruction file then USE one of the links below to find an article and write one page about it except the ones are listed these ones already taken. So you have to find one different than these ones


· Cobalt Mining

· Burberry product disposalVC 9/20

· Amazon and Mercedes Benz9/20 AS

· Busch Latte9/25 BE

· Apple in the Middle East9/25 MA

· Walmart capacity expansion9/27

· Trucking’s tight capacity squeezeAF 9/27

· Supply Chains brace for Florence9/27 GJ

· Adidas and Carbon 3D printingMS 10/2

· Walmart and Uber/Lyft10/2 AS


ADDITONAL RESOURCES Institute for Supply Management Supply Chain Publication Supply Chain Digest Council of Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Segment Information Technology Logistics

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