Adirondacks have been protected for over a hundred years.


Read the statements. Then listen to a pamphlet’s description of Adirondack Park and indicate whether each statement is  true  or  false .

  1. The Adirondacks Park is in Vermont.
    • true
    • false
  2. Mount Marcy is the lowest mountain in the state of New York.
    • true
    • false
  3. Adirondacks have been protected for over a hundred years.
    • true
    • false
  4. In the Adirondacks you can camp.
    • true
    • false
  5. Fishing is prohibited in Adirondacks.
    • true
    • false

To complete

Select the appropriate word.

  1. The dog cat big fish I like more than the small one.
  2. It is forbidden to feed ( feed ) fish monkey trees.
  3. In the center of the pond ( pond ) there is a stone flower bird.
  4. They had a picnic on a fish valley trail surrounded by mountains.
  5. What is your opinion about the use of dirty nuclear solar energy?

To complete

Fill in the blanks with the subjunctive form of the verbs.

  1. I fear that climate change does not (have) a solution.
  2. I’m glad that hawks ( falcons ) are not (in danger of extinction).
  3. I am surprised that governments do not take climate change seriously.
  4. Experts ( experts ) fear (have) an overpopulation of deer ( deer ) in California.
  5. It bothers us that you don’t (recycle) your trash.
  6. I hope all of us (use) more renewable energy in the future.


Select the appropriate form of the verb.

  1. I doubt that polar bears will survive ( survive ).
  2. Luisa is sure that the extinction of some species can be avoided.
  3. There is no doubt that hunting is affecting some ecosystems.
  4. It is impossible that I recycle recycle enough ( enough ) aluminum.
  5. It is true that you deny deny climate change.
  6. Chances are there fewer species ( species ) of animals in the future.
  7. We do not deny that there is a serious problem of overpopulation.
  8. They do not believe that their polluted car contaminates.
  9. It is not certain that this factory reduces reduce its pollution level.
  10. There is no doubt that my cousins ​​avoid avoiding littering in the street.
  11. It is true that we conserve conserve energy.


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate past participles.

  1. In the kitchen there are two windows (open).
  2. The secret is (discover).
  3. There are three dishes (break) in the closet.
  4. Hernán is a man (to decide) and sure.
  5. These houses are made of wood.
  6. The table is (set).


Select the appropriate expression.

  1. Global warming is not going to stop in case unless we do something.
  2. Unless Until Until there is no doubt that solar energy does not pollute.
  3. We will walk through the forest without after the sun rises.
  4. Run, let’s go home before it is less than without rain.
  5. We cannot solve this problem without when after you help us.


Fill in the blanks with words from the list.

be upset plastic recycle be

  1. You may recycle (1) one of the best ways to protect the environment. You may not realize ( you’re not aware ), but recycling glass, aluminum and (2) saves ( saves ) a lot of energy. I (3) that people do not (4) all these materials. Another way to save energy is to turn off your computer screen when not using it (5).

to write

Fill in the blanks with the subjunctive form of the verbs.

  1. I am glad that ecotourism (being) a good business ( business ).
  2. Too bad you don’t (recycle) the glass.
  3. You don’t think they (want) to use solar energy.
  4. Hopefully all of us (can) breathe fresh air.
  5. He fears that (having) overpopulation in this country.

An american bird

Select the appropriate words.

  1. The white crane ( whooping crane ) is a bird of North America in (1) development conservation danger of extinction. These cranes are the tallest birds in North America. According to ( according to ) some organizations (2) pure nuclear ecologists, the great threat ( threat ) of the white crane is the (3) globalization solution deforestation. The federal government (4) pollutes reduces protects these birds in natural parks in states like Florida and Texas. But it is feared that (5) is this is too late. Perhaps (6) there are very few left to avoid their (7) migration population extinction.


Read the article, then select the appropriate word to complete each sentence.

Renewable energy

The use of petroleum and coal produces coal . CO2 is responsible for global warming. Throughout the world, efforts are being made to develop renewable energies to stop climate change. Wind and sun are the best known sources of renewable energy. In Roscoe, Texas, is the largest wind farm in the world. And in the Mojave Desert in California, it is the solar power plant ( Solar farm more powerful) ( powerful ) on the planet. The economy of our country still needs oil and coal, but it is likely that in the future they can be totally exchanged for renewable energy.

  1. Oil and coal are the cause of the sun wind global warming.
  2. It is possible that new renewable energies reduce destroy recycle climate change.
  3. In Roscoe the energy of the sun water wind is used.
  4. In the Mojave desert the energy of the wind sun water is used.
  5. We use oil and coal because our future energy economy still needs them.
  6. It is possible that in the future we will stop being able to avoid using more renewable energy.