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 Topic: Animal Cruelty Research PaperDescription
The major project for the class is a 12-15 page Research Essay based on in-depth research into a topic of your choosing. Write to an expert audience, discussing your methodology, findings, and conclusions, as appropriate in that field. Organize your essay logically, with well-constructed paragraphs and sentences.

Refer to your research, citing sources and formatting your work according to the guidelines of MLA style. Your final essay should demonstrate significant and meaningful revision from the earlier draft.

My topic is about animal cruelty, specifically animals being used in the entertainment industry such as amusement parks, zoos, circus, movie sets etc. My main focus to address in the research paper is how this is considered abuse and torture towards these animals being captured from the wild and being used as props and toys. At the end of the paper I will like to address some alternatives and ways to prevent using animals as props for big businesses such as SeaWorld, zoos and circuses because these corporations negatively affect animals health, mental health and etc. I do want to periodically refer to high quality sources throughout the full essay such as scholarly journals and reliable articles. My professor has mentioned As you put this together, look for ways to tighten the scope of your work, as this topic is a bit broad and ambitious. Your goal is to say a lot about a little, not a little about a lot, so I would like to follow his words throughout this research paper as well.

If the paper can be done before 10 days that would help me out so much since I will be writing more pages myself to this essay. Thank you so much, and if i wasnt clear on some things I would gladly answer any questi