anthropologist Paul Ekman

Recommendation with Justification
November 7, 2019
taking the role of significant
November 7, 2019

anthropologist Paul Ekman

Question 1
According to anthropologist Paul Ekman, what is the driving force behind the six basic emotions that appear to be universal (anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise)?
These emotions are built into our biology and a product of our genes.
B. These emotions are a product of our self and social interaction.
C. These emotions are the result of unconscious childhood experiences.
D. These emotions are a matter of parental nurturing and socialization.

Question 2
As children, boys usually receive trucks, sporting equipment, and action toys. Girls receive stuffed animals and gifts that are more passive. Overall, what do sociologists call this sex-based criteria for the gifts children receive?
A. Resocialization
B. Gender tracking
C. The hidden curriculum
D. Gender socialization

Question 3
Which of the following media least qualifies as being a form of mass media?
A. Television
B. Box-office Hollywood films
C. Academic journals
D. Video games

Question 4
__________ is the process of learning new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors.
B. Socialization
C. The “looking-glass self”
D. Anticipatory socialization

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