anticipated growth is proven

VIVID Ski Employees Wave 3

No business can grow and be successful without employees. However, hiring too many people or too fast could cause both financial and management challenges. Should you hire additional employees for the anticipated growth? Would it make sense to use temporary staffing companies until your anticipated growth is proven? It is important for small businesses to make the right decision when the business has reached a stage when additional help is necessary.

Read of the mini-case “VIVID Sky Employees Wave 3” on page 671 of your course text. Consider what the lessons in the case offer and how you might apply them.


  • Present your analysis of the differences in the sources of employees for Vivid Sky as it developed.
  • Advise Tim whether he should consider outsourcing to replace the third wave of programmers. What are the pros and cons in Tim’s case? State your rationale and justify it with credible references.
  • Identify at least three lessons you can take from this case that could help you when you start or plan to grow your business.

Include in your responses specific references to this week’s resources as well as other credible resources.

Please include references