Apple company forecast

I have homework that require me to choose a company and to do a forecast for it ,, in the begining he want me to talk about the company that I chose briefly by answering these questions.



  1. Who are we?

    – Sync store

  2. Why does our business exist?

  3. Vision: Where do we want to be in the business world?

  4. Mission: What is our business? What do we deliver?

  5. Values: What do we believe in?

  6. Who is our business dealing with?

  7. Who are our stakeholders? What do we exchange with them? What is

    expected of us? What do Stakeholders want from us? What will we

    provide our stakeholders with?

  8. What are our current limitations and strong points? 


I chose a company that only sell apple products and accessories ( apple devices covers , bags ..etc ) and service by reparing apple devices.


So I want somebody to answer these question as he know a company that sell apple products and services.


The name of the company I have chosen is  ( Sync Store ) and you can see the loge down.