apply the chapter concepts and theories to real-life situations

This is the writing assignment with essay questions and is worth a total of 15 points. Students are required to provide substantive responses to each essay question. By substantive responses, it means:

  1. Cover all key elements of each essay question
  2. Give enough information about the topic
  3. apply the chapter concepts and theories to real-life situations
  4. Seek out additional resources to gain a better insight of the topic
  5. Bring in examples and experiences to illustrate the point
  6. Cite references if necessary
  7. Acceptable length: write a minimum of 150 words per essay question

Formatting Requirements

Use one-inch margins
Use 1 12-point Times New Roman font
Use double-line spacing in the document
Cite all sources in APA (American Psychological Association)


Chapter 11 (Families and Intimate Relationships) Questions

  1. Define nuclear family and extended family; discuss the types of societies in which each type tends to be more common. Explain why industrialization brings a transition from extended to more nuclear family arrangements.
  2. Define monogamy, polygamy, polygyny, and polyandry; describe the types of societies in which each tends to be found. 

Chapter 12 (Education and Religion) Questions

3  Define cultural capital and explain its relevance for the sociological analysis of education.

4. Describe the functionalist perspective on religion and discuss its major functions in societies.

Chapter 13 (Politics and the Economy) Questions 

5. Define each of Weber’s three types of authority and give an example of each.

6. Differentiate among preindustrial, industrial, and postindustrial economies.

Chapter 14 (Health, Health Care, and Disability) Questions 

7. Describe the sick role within the functionalist perspective on health and medicine.

8. Explain the major provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 in the United States.