approved mating arrangement

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November 7, 2019
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November 7, 2019

approved mating arrangement

Question 1
Sociologically, which of the following is the most accurate definition of “marriage”?
A. It is the union of one man and one woman.
B. It consists of people occupying the same housing unit.
C. It is an arrangement where two people live together and share expenses.
D. It is a group’s approved mating arrangement.

Question 2
Regina lives in a society in which children are related to their father’s relatives, but not their mother’s relatives. What type of descent system does this illustrate?
A. Bilateral
B. Unilateral
C. Patrilineal
D. Matrilineal

Question 3
Why do functionalists argue that the incest taboo is a norm necessary for proper family development?
A. It reinforces patriarchal authority.
B. It enforces the concept of monogamy.
C. It facilitates the socialization of children and it avoids role confusion.
D. It prevents the transference of genetic defects.

Question 4
The __________ perspective is most aligned with the belief that family controls economic production, socialization of children, care of the sick and aged, and reproduction.
A. functionalist
B. conflict
C. symbolic interactionist
D. feminist

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