Assignment 2

2 Full Pages of body, APA, Title, Refernce page and any intext ciation that may be required. New Times Roman font size 12

Review the 


Unit 2 Background document (attached) before completing the assignment (this document is used for all three assignments in this unit).

Write a memo to Dr. Babcock to compare using a normative model for the questionnaire items versus the staff meeting force field approach.

Be sure to indicate which of the two processes you recommend the organization use to create the descriptions of the values. The aim of having behavioral endpoints to the questionnaire is twofold: It should provide the best information for improving the organization while meeting the desires of the management group.

The two processes to consider are as follows:

  • Using researched models and best practices from academic literature and OD practitioner case studies. This means providing specific definitions based on research that addresses each factor. The behavioral endpoints would relate to research findings on these factors.
    • Give 2 – 3 advantages to this method and 2 – 3 concerns or potential problems.
  • Consider using the staff meeting and force field analysis approach to identify what to evaluate. While this will not necessarily produce specific “definitions,” it will give specific actions that describe the exact behaviors that contribute to achieving the factor. The best actions would form the positive side of the scale. The hindering items would be used to choose the descriptions for the low performance endpoints on the questions.
    • Give 2 – 3 advantages to this method and 2 – 3 concerns or potential problems.
Be sure your comments take into account issues such as the following:
  • generating valid data
  • the impact on readiness to change
  • adding to the capacity and learning of the organization
  • implementation concerns (resources and time needed)

Finally, be sure to describe in the memo how the questionnaire you want to use would differ from the rough draft created during the management meeting. If there would be no change, please explain why. Download and review the draft questionnaire (attached)

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