Attend a concert from the MUS 114 Concert List

Open the word file and answer the question there are some picture uploaded have information about the concert attended.


Assignment Directions:
1. Attend a concert from the MUS 114 Concert List – make sure that you adhere to the deadlines for attendance. Keep your concert program for reference and take notes during the concert.
2. Download the Concert Review 1 template and complete each section in detail and depth. Your responses should be recorded directly on to the document.
3. Once you have completed your response, submit the document through the assignment window on Blackboard for grading. The review is due within ONE WEEK of the concert date. Reviews that are submitted late will be penalized 5 points per day.
NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE the formatting of the document. If your submitted review does not open for the grader a grade of “zero” will be assigned.

DEADLINE: The last concert available to fulfill this assignment is Tuesday, Oct 10

Attention: Students have the option to work with a partner when attending these concerts and writing the review.
If you are working with a partner:
1. A copy of the review must be submitted by each student through their blackboard shell
2. The names of BOTH students must be printed on the review for reference and recording of grades

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