Be creative and write something new

500–700 words. Provide the link to your music at the top of your story.

Pick a 5–7 minute film score from one of your favorite composers. (This needs to be a wordless piece of music).

You don’t have to piece together an entire soundtrack, but you can select one 5–7 minute song.

If you need more, you may use two. (Search on YouTube with the title of your movie and with key words like theme, score, or soundtrack.) Listen to the music and write a new storyline to it or write a story from how the music reflects your personal life. Please do not take the music of Jurassic Park and write about dinosaurs.

Be creative and write something new. It could be as simple as writing about the day of one character, as the music often quickly changes from one idea to another in many of the online soundtracks. Insert timings into your essay so that I can listen to the music and follow along with your story. So you will all start with the beginning (0:00), and then when the music changes, for example, at 1 minute and 25 seconds, insert (1:25) between your sentences and keep your story going. This allows me to see how you interpreted the music. You will be graded on creativity and grammar. See student examples under the Modules tab. Scroll to the bottom