Briefly recounts the author’s use of rhetoric and its significance without being redundant

Project 1: Rhetorical Analysis

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Due: Wednesday, October 31st, by 11:59pm

The state of our educational system has been a contentious topic of discussion for decades, with numerous groups of people offering their own explanations for why schools are failing. For this essay, you will analyze Michael Moore’s “Idiot Nation” and provide an account of the author’s argument while paying special attention to the multiple rhetorical forces at play. A successful essay will include:

· A developed introduction to the topic of education and the author’s argument as it pertains to the text, as well as a strong thesis guiding the reader through the essay

· Identification and explanation of three claims (and related evidence) the author provides to support his argument

· Identification and analysis of at least one strategy for each claim discussing how and why the author employs each strategy

· Discussion of the audience that explains whom the author is writing to, why he chose that specific audience, and how he works to connect with the audience

· Textual evidence throughout the paper to support your analysis

· Smooth transitioning and a strong structure connecting your ideas throughout the paper

Technical Requirements

Introduction (10 points):

Essay has appropriate title, introduces the background, author, text, and author’s argument, and includes a thesis statement demonstrating essay’s structure

Body Paragraphs (60 points):

-Clearly presents arguments and supporting claims

-Includes specific and relevant textual evidence (quotes) throughout each body paragraph and thoroughly analyzes the significance of the evidence

-Presents and analyzes strategies

-Discusses audience context and explains how it impacts the author’s presentation of his or argument

Conclusion (10 points):

Briefly recounts the author’s use of rhetoric and its significance without being redundant

Structure and Mechanics (20 points):

-Clear and effective structure with smooth transitions

-Evidence of revision and editing

Essay length is to be 2-2.5 pages, single-spaced, in 12pt Times New Roman. No Works Cited page is require