Can you create a story based off the few facts I shared with you about my life.

I need you to rewrite my applications based off the information I shared in the about me at the end of the page.

Can you create a story based off the few facts I shared with you about my life.

in the story can you make me sound like a warrior and great person. add fill ins where you need too. make it sound exciting, adventurous, and real.

Welcome to Little Goat Farm at the Lake!????????????????????????????????????????

Application for an Internship at The Little Goat Farm at the Lake

This application is for information gathering to see if you would be a good fit on our farm.  There are no good or bad answers.  Honesty will go far with us and a completely filled out application will get you to the top of the pile. We also use this application to assure you that your safety is important to us on our farm.  It gives us information to use should you become injured.  You can also feel safe that we ask others that you will be sharing your time with here the same information. We hope to see you at Little Goat Farm at the Lake this season!

Name: Jaleel Kinnie

Permanent Address: 1265 Spalding dr Sandy Springs

Current Address if different than above:

Cell: 404-903-3264


DOB: 05//10/1995

Your sex: Male

Originally From: Atlanta, Georgia

College: Georgia State

Did you graduate? No

Program/Degree: Art Major


Were you in the military? NO

Emergency Contact information.  Please list the name, address, telephone number and relationship to a close relative that should be notified should an accident occur during your stay:

1. Anthony Marion, 1265 Spalding Dr, Sandy Springs GA 30350, 770-626-6992, Brother.

2. Khalif Kinnie, 1265 Spalding Dr, Sandy Springs, GA 30350, 815-992-1013

Please list all allergies and medications:


Three References and a copy of your current driver’s license or passport are required.  You can list them here and scan and email the license/passport separately.  Or photograph and text your ID.  For the references we need their name, your relationship with them, how long you have known them, their email, and phone number. These are the references we will accept:  Manager who directly supervised you, Professor with which you had the most interaction, Coach of a team sport you played in high school or college, or Supervisor of a volunteer organization you are involved with. Others may be considered upon request. We require that you give us current information so you can be considered for this position.  It is also helpful if the people you list know you are using them for a reference.  

1. Tika- Supervisor, 678-386-3055, 3 years

2. Antinio Mckay – Coach, 770-380-1677, 5 years,

3. Rhonda- Mentor- 678-360-7236, 1 year

Why are you interested in sustainable agriculture and what are you hoping to get out of your farm stay with us? I believe as a human being the most important factor to our existence is our health. I ran track and field throughout my 4 years in high school

and doing that I never found a sufficient diet. As I continue my running track in high school my biggest problem was eating a sufficient diet

What aspects of farming are you particularly interested in learning about?

Gardening for sure because i want to teach and live a more healthy lifestyle

animals, i want to understand more about the animal way of life

building fences barns, and handyman work

What did you see on our profile, Facebook, or website that made you want to volunteer here specifically? Wwoof. The biggest thing that stood out to me was that you guys teach how to sustain a real farm. Location is great is not that far from city, you guys have a varitey of choices on your farm. you guys seem to be extrmely professitional, smart, and overall geniue people.

Gardening, animal care, small building projects, and moving poo around are the main jobs on our farm.  Do you have a problem doing any of these jobs, and if so, why? No. I open to learing everything about the farm

What jobs on the farm do you think you are:

a)most qualified for? gardening, building projects, caring for animals

b)least qualified for?

What do you feel you could bring:

a) through knowledge? wisdom, leadership, experinces, adventure, friendhsip,

b) though atmosphere to our farm? great energy, smile, happy, hardworking, trust, consistency, team player, using my skills the way possible.

Will you need hours worked to transfer to course credits?  If so, I need your professor’s name, email, and phone number to discuss what specifically needs to be reported for you to get your hours. No.

Our farm intern hours are 25 or so hours a week, but if you need college credits to transfer, please list how many hours you need each week to get credit.

Please list the date you will start and when you plan on moving on.  Be as specific as you can predict at this point. As soon as possible and stay for about 3-4 weeks

Interns are given lodging and meals each day.  If you are a local college intern will you require lodging or will you commute?

Do you have your own vehicle?  If not, what mode of transportation will you be using?

Yes I do.

Have you ever sustained any physical injuries that would affect your ability to perform certain tasks on the farm or that we should be aware or? No.

We understand that sometimes life gets messy.  We wouldn’t rule you out of participating as an intern if you have an arrest or conviction, but we would like to know about it upfront and give you a chance to tell your story.  If we find that you were dishonest, that would disqualify you. Have you been convicted of anything ever?  Please tell us when and what were the circumstances. Yes. I got arresested for simple batterey. The chargers were drop.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months?

traveling the world spreading the knowledge that I have learn for the last year.

Tell us a little bit about you.  Your hopes, dreams, goals, personality, what you like to do with your spare time, etc.:

My name is Jaleel Kinnie and I’m originally from Chicago ill i moved to Atlanta at the age of 10 with my mom and 5 siblings. I was raised by a very loving mother. She took us to 48 out of 50 states when i 8 years old. I ran track all four years of high school. I ran the 200m, 400m, and 800m. After high school i moved back to Chicago to start school, but a few days before class i lost my mom so i had to moved back to Atlanta to help out with my younger siblings and doing that i went back to my high school to train the girls track team. they won two state championships, top 4×4 time in the united states 3 years in a row. after 3 years out of school i decided to go back to school at Georgia state university and i was enrolled there for 1 year and semester and realized that i would enjoy life better if i did things my own way, so i decided to travel the world to figure out what life truly is. I also model and act for about two years, i did a few catalogs for local shops, i also was featured in selma, divergent, and powers. I helped raise my younger brother and sister, i have a huge interest in art, interior design, architecture , history, nature, great people, and traveling. I have endured a lot of pain over the years with losing the most important person in the world to me, I’m dealing with that everyday. I grow stronger every day knowing she’s looking down on me as a proud mother. So i plan to continue to make her happy. Im going to travel the world for her, and me. I’m going to all 7 continents to learn about different cultures, religions, agriculture, and people. When i come back after my two year journey i plan to launch a magazine. My personality is funny, playful, confident, honest, and enjoyable. I’m a gay male and i came out at the age of 14. I am the leader of my six siblings. thats another reason why I’m taken this journey. i want to impact the world in so many ways. I’m reading and studying several subjects. i love clothes, sports, family time, intellectual talks, sharing stories, i have a dog name isis and cat name kona, my dad lives in DC. I need a farm that is going to teach me what it really feels like to be on the farm. I want more individuals to learn more about agriculture. our world needs more of this. loving, caring, and conscious individuals.

We want to get to know our interns and have a family atmosphere.  We believe in community and working out differences in a positive manner, supporting each other, dreaming big dreams together, and working hard for a common goal.  Our farm is our life and our business.  We need interns who are professional, well groomed, and personable.  Each person we come in contact with is a potential client.  We do not allow TOBACCO, FIRES, profanity, drama, or DRUG use on our farm.  Interns that are staying in our home are expected to help out with household chores, food prep, and keeping their things clean and tidy.  We will provide meals and lodging to our interns for 25 or so hours per week.  College interns can get lodging upon availability, and will be fed if here during meal time.  We won’t expect interns to do anything we wouldn’t do our selves, in turn we also expect a professional level of work.  We welcome ideas, knowledge, change, and interaction that can positively affect the way we do business.  We are in a constant state of learning and want to pass that knowledge along.  By signing below, I understand and agree to the statement above and to the best of my knowledge all of the information I have provided is correct.

Jaleel Kinnie