Can you help me with my English Homework


Write a well-developed paragraph for one of the following topic sentences.  Check for paragraph development, paragraph unity, and coherence.  To check for unity, identify the paragraph’s topic sentence, and make sure that everything in the paragraph is clearly and closely related to it. A coherent paragraph flows smoothly, with an organization that is easy to follow and with each sentence clearly related to the next.  Use repetition to emphasize the main idea.  Repeating key words helps readers stay focused on your topic and reinforces your thesis.  Use parallel structure to emphasize connections Parallel structure helps to form connections within and between sentences.

Choose one of the following topics:

1.  Awards shows on television often fail to recognize creativity and innovation.

2.  Most people learn only those features of a computer program that they need to use every day.

3.  First-year students who also work can have an easier time adjusting to the demands of college life than nonworking students.


4.  Tweets and e-mail messages that circulate widely can be broken down into several categories.


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