capital plan

One of the CEOs of UNM is having a hard time understanding the need to know the creditworthiness of both rural healthcare organizations and has asked you to write a report on the topic in advance of your presentation. There are some key factors that should be known before a creditworthiness is decided upon. According to Moody’s Investor Service there are five:

· Market position

· Operating performance,

· Balance sheet and capital plan

· Governance and management

· Debt structure and legal covenants.

The first part of your paper should explore how healthcare organizations are scored for creditworthiness. Then, evaluate both organizations’ creditworthiness using one or two of the five key factors. Based off the information given, the CEOs will determine the creditworthiness for both organizations.

The paper must be at least 1,000 words in length, formatted AMA style, and all sources must be cited.