chat like funny stuff ,play some games cook and ate food.

writing about a something happen to me

A fake story that can talk about I only have some little info help me make a speech last 2-3 min

detail: it was June 28 2008 summer i was 18 yrs old

friend ren in China Beijing text my brother and

tell him to visit him and have some fun. my brother ask me to go with him i Was bored when I was off school so decied to go and

So my brother book 2 ticket in Asia airline around 2k something the price was high because it was in the summer time.

both Pack all sovineir , food, gifts passport cash

Went to airport

took plane for 13 hr :30 min got off and group of 5 people greetmy and my bro say sup ren long time no see .my bro ask ren who are they he say these are my friend mack,bruce,linda from ny too ,selena. we both wave and say hi nice to meet you.introduce our name then

drive to his house went inside start chatting about thing .

chat like funny stuff ,play some games cook and ate food. planning some events to do at night. so we all asking what we gonna do at night what to play

event : ren saying let go karaoke at night the other say sure yeah let do that .

bruce say linda , selena call the others girls out and go play

both say sure

stuff to add : meet at the karoke called for a room order food introduce 2 other girls jennifer, kate

other event i want to add : drunk dudes came and kick our room at how we end up fighting a group of drunk dudes

Play 2-3 week from different place with the group then me my bro and linda fly back to New York brother continue to date linda and got marry in the end yeah

put them in piece so i can say the story like it really happen some other detail can be added to make it funny and realistic . maybe some love in it . like how linda liked my brother and they started dating and stuff. went shopping and things.

short and simple worth 2-4 min talk

use as much info i post and other to make