“Classic Rock” format becomes huge during the 1990

Choose one topic per chapter.  100 words maximum.

Chapter 14

1. “Classic Rock” format becomes huge during the 1990s (and through today).  Taking into account the Rock buying public at that time, how significant was the move by both radio and cable TV (VH-1) to cater to this demographic?  Are other older styles (pre 2000) following the same pattern as “Classic Rock” in your opinion?

2. The resurgence of female singer songwriters during the 1990’s spiked sharply, coinciding with a renewed political and cultural involvement.  Using the Lilith Fair as an example, how significant  were artists as divers as Tori Amos, the Indigo Girls, Sarah McLachlan, and Alanis Morissette?  Are they influential to current female singer songwriters?

3. Consider the article “Biz Markie Gets sued” on page 520.  Early Rap/Hip Hop relied heavily on samples of prerecorded music as essential fabric of their songs.  How justified was the ruling which had never taken into account the possibility of new music being created using existing music?  What rights do the original artists/bands/composers have over their end product?  What is your opinion on this issue?