Compare your organization to any one of the organizations in the article “Building talent:

Go to the Week 8 Assignments page, read Portfolio Project descriptions. Identify your Portfolio Project choice in the title of a Word document and then briefly explain why you selected your project in a two- to three-page paper, which is double spaced. Cite five relevant sources including scholarly, trade/industry and government sources. Ensure your writing adheres to the APA format.

The Description of Project: 

Staffing and Development

The final project Portfolio Assignment requires you to build a professional document incorporating the central lessons you have learned throughout this course. For this Portfolio Assignment, please select an organization that you work for or one that you are familiar with. Then, complete the following:

  1. Provide      an organizational profile that includes information about the      organization’s mission, vision, culture, and strategy. This information,      aside from the mission, should be explained in your own words.
  2. Explain      the organization’s industry, provide information about its competitors,      and provide details about how the organization can differentiate itself      from other organizations within the industry.
  3. Compare      your organization to any one of the organizations in the article “Building      talent: The very best of 2017,” found in the required readings. The      comparison that you provide should provide details regarding how your      organization differs in terms of talent recruitment, selection, and      retention, as well as how your organization measures up in terms of      training and development opportunities.
  4. Identify      how your organization assesses employee performance and explore the      strengths and weaknesses of your selected organization’s performance      management system.
  5. Explain      how your organization can utilize the principles outlined in the book      entitled The carrot principle: How the best managers use      recognition to engage their people, retain talent, and accelerate performance to      ensure a strong workplace environment.