Cultural characteristics

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November 7, 2019
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November 7, 2019

Cultural characteristics

Question 1
What is the variable that most distinguishes one race from another?
A. Cultural characteristics
B. Physical characteristics
C. Religion
D. Language

Question 2
__________ is the slaughtering of a group of people because of their presumed race or ethnicity.
A. Subjugation
B. Genocide
C. Forced assimilation
D. Population transfer

Question 3
Hindu was a choice on the U.S. Census as a race from 1920 to 1940. What is the most logical reason it was removed?
A. There are virtually no Hindus living in the United States..
B. Hindu is a religion, not a race.
C. All Hindus are Indians, therefore the term was redundant.
D. Hindus wanted to be identified as Americans

Question 4
Which nation is the least race-conscious and permits a wide range of latitude in classifying a person “white” or “black” with seven terms to describe race?
A. Brazil
B. England
C. Canada
D. China

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