Customer Development Checklist

Write up:

Identify the various types of customers for your business.

2 pages

In this assignment you will take the new venture creation idea “approved” by your instructor and identify the various types of customers for your business (similar to elements from the Customer Development Checklist). At this point, your New Venture Project idea should be pretty solid, so it is best to use the same concept for your final project as the subject of this weekly assignment so that the work you complete can build toward your final project deliverable.

In your write-up be sure to address the following key questions: Who will be the day-to-day user of the product/service? Who will be the influencers and recommenders of the product/service? Who represents the economy buyer of your product/service? What about the luxury buyer of your product/service? In the end, you should summarize a “day in the life” of your day-to-day (heavy) user.