Data Warehousing and Mining

Some of your team members are a little rusty on their SQL skills but need to create the SQL select statements that would produce running summary files for reports on the following:

Customer Volume by Month

  • CustomerID
  • Month
  • Total shipments
  • Total weight

Driver Performance by Month

  • Driver ID
  • Month
  • Number of manifests on time
  • Number of manifests delivered late

The team members sent you an e-mail with the following questions:

  • From where should they source the information for the design?
  • What difficulties would they have in writing the SQL statements for each of these tables?
  • Should any of these tables be created on an as-needed basis?
  • Do these summary tables violate the concept of table normalization?

Assignment Guidelines

  • Provide answers to the 4 questions outlined in the assignment description in a 2–3-page Word document.
  • Provide any examples, tables, or SQL statements that you created to arrive at your solutions.