Describe any fallacies you located in the advertisement.

Initial Post

Materials on fallacy and content for Module 6

Refer to and reflect on the persuasive advertising strategies and the logical fallacies listed in this week’s module content.

In this discussion post (100-400 words), address the following:

  • Include a link to an advertisement related to your area of academic or professional interest that you have observed recently. Feel free to include links to videos, still images, or audio clips.
  • Discuss how several of the persuasive techniques and fallacies noted in the course content apply to the advertisement.
  • Describe any fallacies you located in the advertisement.
  • Describe how your claims logically support your thesis statement as well-supported premises.
  • End your post with any questions or concerns you have regarding the appeal to logic, the use of supporting evidence, the role of claims in an argument, or fallacies you might have regarding your own writing.