Describe the “typical” or “average” member of your group and provide group demographics.

  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)(ASPCA)
  • At LEAST one slide per question (most will need two or more) – include definitions (interest group, lobbying types, etc. as applicable)
  • Must have some picture or image on each slide … must be RELEVANT
  • Must include a Bibliography or Works Cited slide to show research (MLA or APA Format only)
  • At least four (4) different sources must be used (not four different pages on the same website)

Questions for presentation

  1. Describe the catalyst to or reason for the founding of your group and a brief overview of the group’s goals.  (History of group, influential persons involved, etc.) Include the type of interest group into which this organization would be classified.
  2. Describe the “typical” or “average” member of your group and provide group demographics.
  3. What are three to five benefits a member of your group can expect with his/her membership? Describe in detail.
  4. What are two to three issues about which your group lobbied Congress in the last few years? Describe in detail. What was the outcome? (Find specific bills) Include an overview of prevailing US public policy in this area. (Check library databases, national newspapers, etc.) What are the prevailing trends in this area in the last year or two?  Is this an issue being discussed at length in the presidential debates right now?
  5. What are two or three specific ways your group works to influence policy decisions? How effective is your group in the US?  How do they lobby?? Explain. Give reasons and examples.
  6. How does public opinion or outside pressure affect what issues your group might tackle?  Does it support your group or work against it? Why?