Describe what it is that you think makes the example


  • Post an example of (or link to) something related to your personal or academic interest that you think is particularly creative. (If you can’t post a file or link, briefly describe your example.) For example, if you are interested in a particular musician, artist, writer, or photographer, post an example of what you think is their most creative work. Or if you are a nurse, you might want to post something about what you think is the most creative approach to health care. Or if you like a particular sport, you could find an example of a creative play or moment by an athlete or team.


  • Describe what it is that you think makes the example “creative” and briefly describe what you think creativity is. Is creativity a quality? Is it something added? Is it something individual, that comes from within, or does it depend on context and culture?


  • Write about one or two connections you see between the example of creativity you found and ideas in the course reading or links.