development action plan

This is a discussion board post:

In the reading for this module, we learned about the leadership practice of challenging the process. Before posting to this discussion, make sure that you have updated the “Challenge the Process” column in your Leadership Development Action Plan document to show how you will use the concepts you have learned to improve each of the leadership areas you identified in Module One.

Once you have updated your leadership development action plan, respond to the following:

  • In the textbook reading for this module, the authors go into detail about the need for leaders to take risks in order for organizational change to occur. However, what is emphasized is the idea of a calculated risk, which is different from the everyday notion of risk. In your own words, share an example of an instance where you or a leader you followed took a calculated risk. Bring in leadership theory as it relates to your example.
  • Explain why you or your leader decided to take the risk