Discuss the psychology issue that I wrote in my notes only.

Read it Carefully:

There’s a lot of article need to read.

read my request below first and then follow the paper topic request.


In strict accordance with my notes.

MLA format.

The primary text is the novel “The things they carried” by Tim O’ Brien

Use the Secondary text quotes that I attach at the Files.

This is an analysis paper, do not summary.

Discuss the psychology issue that I wrote in my notes only.

I’ll give attach 1 secondary article within photo; 1 with website, and the primary article I’ll give you an website with PDF.

Do not use other resource except what I gave to you.

Plz follow the topic. the paper should be 4-6 pages. 5 Paragraph. with title

Primary text- The things they carried

(only need use the chapters”The thing they carried”,”spin”,”How to tell a true war story”,”the man i killed”, “ambush” and “Speaking of courage”, like the topic sheet said)


secondary text- “Healing a wounded sense of morality”