dumping in a nearby river

Question 1


  1. Connie,  the president of a company that makes paper, has a new interest in the  environment. She recently went to a seminar on environmental dangers and  has decided to take steps to clean things up. She started at home and  was also committed to change things at work. Connie had to face the fact  that her company has been cheating and is not in compliance with  applicable environmental regulations due to dumping in a nearby river.  Her company has never been cited, however, because it employs a very  large number of people in the community, including the mayor’s wife and  the chief-of-police’s brother.

    On her mission to clean things  up, Connie has decided to go even further than the law requires and  install the very latest environmental protections. When she announced  her plan, the chair of the company’s board of directors, Brooke, had a  meeting with Connie. Brooke told Connie to analyze the situation  carefully because the cost of the additional equipment would mean no  dividend to shareholders and no raise for employees. Furthermore, Brooke  told Connie that installing all of the new equipment would result in  higher prices for the company’s paper products and could bankrupt the  company because of foreign competition. Brooke hinted that Connie could  be fired if she persisted. Brooke suggested that Connie just be  concerned with a minimal standard of ethics. Which of the following  would be a stakeholder in the company?         The community only          The shareholders only          Future generations only          The community and shareholders only          The community, shareholders, and future generations

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