Ethnic History paper

The Ethnic History paper is to describe your perceptions of your ethnic/ racial  

      Identity. For example, what kind of jokes does your family tell or spurn? What kind   

     of foods do you eat, especially at certain times of the year? What are your families

     expectations about education? Who lives with your family or whom do you visit

     Often? What is the role of language within your family? Do you have an accent? How

     does the religion of the country you are from affect you? Does religion play a role in  

     your family life? What other things have shaped your identity and who you are today?

     What important things have influenced your life, your beliefs, your thoughts and

     actions? Plan to write four or five completed typed pages in size 12 fonts only- double

     spaced paragraphs with standard one inch margins.


12 hours maximum 

4 pages 

double space


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