Explain compare to other beliefs similarities.

Writing requirements for the paper:

Papers must be typed, double-spaced 12 font on 8 ½ by 11 standard white paper, standard margins


Task: State the belief system of the community. Compare and contrast to existing religions and belief system that you have researched. (2 pages) 4 sources

· Create a new belief system for a new religion called Polytheistic Animism that is revolving around nature. In which, you will explore other beliefs systems  e.i animism, spiritualism, Buddhism, Daoism …. and setup the new belief system based on those beliefs systems similarities to create our imaginary belief system the new religion.

Our group Ideas:

· Polytheistic Animism where we believe the sun is all mighty being in the universe

· The sun is the lover of the moon; their balance maintains peace on earth.

· The earth is the offspring from the moon and sun.

· Sun feeds us.

· Sun god and moon goddess.

· Make the belief system sync with our Political system, in which our imaginary country is run by an Oligarchy system.

· We have Rituals; Sacrifices whenever there is a moon eclipses.

· Volcano eruption when the sun is mad.

· Sunday and Monday are our sacred days for Rituals.

· Minimum Two pages; from four Sources APA Style citation.

· Structure

Intro: Present Ideas Revolving around nature; Worship nature gods (Sun is god; Moon is goddess).

Body: Explain compare to other beliefs similarities.

Conclusion: Present your findings.

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