Explain how social networking can be used for various HR practices

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Social networking helps people satisfy their need to stay connected, and now it also helps companies to enhance many of their HR practices including recruiting, training and development, scheduling and enhancing employee engagement.

There are several examples of this use of social networking for HR practices. Macy’s, for example, uses Twitter to post job openings and to reach out to recruit merchandise buyers laid off by other retailers who are closing their stores. IBM’s onboarding process, which is known as Succeeding@IBM, is used to help new employees learn about the company and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.

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 Discussion Question

  • Explain how social networking can be used for various HR practices. Can you think of other ways that the HR function in an organization can use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other types of social networking? Also, are companies limited to using popular applications such as these in order to achieve the benefits of connectivity, or are their other ways of doing so? Provide examples of what you or your company currently use as well as any other useful information which your classmates may learn from.
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