explore a personal relationship that you have had that has been important to you


The second essay that we will be writing that is purely personal is the essay on relationships. This essay will explore a personal relationship that you have had that has been important to you. It can be with your parents, siblings, other family member; a special teacher or coach or boss; spouse or lover, or even a pet that you once had. This is an essay should be about a real person, not a hypothetical or religious one.

Make sure that you include details about this person so that we have an idea of the person’s physical attributes. Also, make sure that you say what made the person special to you, and include the person’s name in the introductory paragraph: My Abuela, Marta. You may quote the person directly and use that quote as your reading reference for this paper.

You will follow the five-paragraph essay model and include a reading reference (see p. 200 ofCollegiate Reader for an example). You should also make sure that you use the first person (I). Read the selections in Collegiate Reader to get some ideas. Remember to mark each selection for structure, answer the study questions, complete the vocabulary. Choose ONE selection and post the answers to the study questions and the vocabulary.

To submit your essay, you need to click open the Turnitin Drop Box at the bottom of this module, hit “submit,” and browse to where you saved your file on your own computer.  Then, upload your file during the interval (usually a week) during which the assignment is open BEFORE the due date.   You do not need a separate login to use this version of Turnitin. I usually set a late/penalty interval after the due date for partial credit.