Extracurricular activities International job interest

A- Before you respond to the job announcement or write your personal statement, conduct a self-inventory which highlights the following or what you consider relevant to know about yourself.

Strengths and weaknesses Work experience

Academic preparation Companies/organizations to work for

Extracurricular activities International job interest

From a newspaper, journal or internet, locate a real position in your field. This position could be full time or could be an internship or a summer job. Write a résumé and a job-application letter in response to the ad. As much as possible, your résumé should not exceed one page. Remember to provide a link to the job ad. Use your actual qualifications in writing.

B-   Assignment Length/Format:Short, half page minimum, single spaced (or 1.5 spaced, with one-inch margins)

Choose one of these topics from Chapter Review and write a short set of instructions in numbered steps (or in paragraph format) on one of the following relatively simple activities.

  1. taking a photograph with a mobile phone
  2. posting a video to your Facebook account
  3. sending a text message
  4. creating a blog
  5. logging onto your college library’s server