Fill in the blanks with stressed possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns.

Fill in the blanks with stressed possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns.


Fill in the blanks with stressed possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns.


—The car was damaged again. Felipe, today you have ()? -Do not. () is also in the workshop.


—I bought my MP3 player at the mall. Where did you buy your MP3 player? —We buy () in the Giant Warehouse.


“I don’t know where the glasses are ().” I can’t drive without them. “Look for them in the room.” I think I saw them at the table.


—I already printed all my files. -Yes? Luis Fernando also printed (). Then I will turn off the printer.


—Do you know the TodOficina store? “No, but my brother does.” He receives a discount at that store because a friend () works there.




Answer the questions using possessive pronouns. Use complete sentences.


       1. Where do you like to buy your clothes?


       2. And your friends, where do they buy their clothes?


       3. Does it bother you if your boyfriend reads your messages? Why?


       4. Would you like to read your messages? Explain.


       5. In your Spanish class, who knows more about technology?



to write

Choose one or more of the topics below, and write a paragraph describing what you and your best friend do differently. Use possessive adjectives and pronouns.



• the studies

• the family

• the technology

• clothes


I arrive to all classes of mine on time, but Cristina is sometimes late for her …






By and for

Complete the dialogue with by or for .

MARIO         Hi, I work (1) 
 (blank) the university newspaper. Can I ask you some questions?

INÉS Yes, of course.

MARIO Do you surf the web a lot (2) 
 (blank) ?

INÉS Yes, every day I connect to the Internet (3) 
 (blank) read my mail and browse (4) 
 (blank) one hour. I also like to talk (5) 
 (blank) Skype with my friends. It’s very good and, (6) 
 (blank) me, it’s fun.

MARIO And what do you think about doing homework on the computer?

INÉS In general, it seems fine, but (7) 
 (blank)example, last night I did some exercises (8) 
 (blank) algebra class and in the end my eyes hurt. (9) 
 (blank) that sometimes I prefer to do the homework by hand.

MARIO Very good. Thank you very much (10) 
 (blank) your time. changed










Angel and little devil

Juan likes to ask his angel and his little devil for advice. Complete the answers with family mandates from both perspectives.

  1. I am driving. Am i going faster?

  Á: No, no (blank) faster.

D: Yes, (blank) faster. 

2. It is my sister’s MP3 player. Do I put it in my backpack?

  Á: No, no (blank) in your backpack.

D: Yes, (blank) in your backpack.

3. I need to stretch my legs. I am taking a walk?

Á: Yes, (blank) a walk.

D: No, no (blank) a walk.

4. My friend needs to print something. Do I turn off the printer?


 Á: No, do not (blank) the printer.

  D: Yes, (blank) the printer.




Form sentences to express reciprocal actions with the indicated time.


you and me / know / good (present)

You and I know each other well.

1. José and Paco / call / once a week (imperfect)


       2. my girlfriend and I / see / every day (present)


       3. classmates / helping / with homework (past)


       4. you and your mom / write / email / every week (imperfect)


       5. my sisters and I / understand / perfectly (present)


       6. teachers / greet / with a lot of respect (past)