Fill in the blanks with the correct form of know or know.

Select the correct option.

1.My sister ____ dance salsa.

2. ____ you the Half of the World monument?

3. Raul and I ____ the math teacher.
know we know

4. You ____ where is our house, right?
they know

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of know or know.

1. They ____ Cuba very well because they live there.
2. I don’t_____ the movie The Broken Hugs.
3. ____ (you) when is the exam?
I have no idea.
4. Us _____ Zulema’s phone number.
5. _____ you to my uncle Ramón?
6.You ______ skiing well because they take ski lessons

Complete the paragraph with the correct form of know or know.

There is a very interesting girl in my poetry class. I (1) ____ what is his name: Valentina. It’s a pretty name, isn’t it? I want (2) _____ more of her, but I’m very shy. I’m going to call my friend Julio; he (3) ______ almost (almost) everyone in my program. But if Julio doesn’t (4) _____ who she is, tomorrow after class I will write a message to Valentina. I plan on giving him a poem by Becquer. You (5) _____ Bécquer’s poems, right? They are very romantic. I can also invite her to go out with me for coffee; I (6) _____ a very good coffee called La Rana.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the appropriate verbs from the box. Use each verb once. Then complete the responses. Two verbs will not be used.

drive know offer
seem know translate

1. Are your friends_______ happy today?
Yes, ________.
2. Do you ______ personally (personally) a famous person?
Do not,_______ .
3. ________ Your parents an ugly car?
Do not,________ .
4. _________ you from English to Spanish?
Yes, ________.

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