Fill in the blanks with the correct form of knowing, being able, wanting , or knowing

Write sentences using the information provided. Use the preterite and make any necessary changes.



I / meet / this / person / today

I met this person today.


1.   the president / not wanting / talking to reporters


2.   How / know / you / what ( what ) / happen / between / Fabiana and Raúl?


3.   you / meet / Mr. Castillo / the day before yesterday


4.   we / can’t / buy gifts / because / have / a lot of traffic / in the center


5.   after / exams, / Natalia / power / relax




Fill in the blanks with the correct form of knowing, being able, wanting , or knowing .

1.   Carlitos doesn’t like vegetables at all and that’s why he _____ does not eat broccoli.

2.   “Do you know my wife?”

     “Yes, the _____ last year.”

3.   After many hours of study, Federico _____ pass ( pass ) the exam.

4.   I _____ surprise Marisol on Saturday, but on Friday she _____ all my plans.




Select the correct option.

1. Finally (I met, I knew) why Marlene broke up with David. She is in love with José Luis!

2.   Ana Milena (wanted, couldn’t) call you yesterday, but you didn’t answer the phone.

3.   Santiago never told me how (he knew, I knew) his girlfriend, but I know it was very romantic.

4.   Tomorrow I graduate from university. (I could, I didn’t know) finish the studies. 

5.   Martin retired last year. (He wanted, he didn’t want to) work more.

6.   During the wedding, Daniela paid no attention. (He wanted, could not) take pictures.



Indicate whether each statement is logical or illogical .


  1. Teresa knew I had a party and didn’t invite her. Now she’s mad at me.

·         logical

·         illogical


  1. I searched for hours, but I didn’t find David’s house. I did not want to visit it.

·         logical

·         I logical


  1. Leila laughed a lot during the movie; He could not have fun.

·         logical

·         I logical


  1. My parents met in Japan; That’s why they celebrate their anniversaries in Tokyo.

·         logical

·         I logical