Fill in the blanks with the subjunctive, indicative, or infinitive of the verbs from the list.

To complete

Fill in the blanks with the correct present subjunctive form of the verbs.


Olivia needs me to ______ (lend) my keys.

Pepe prefers that his son ______ (sweep) the yard.

They send us ______ (go) to the office.

I want you to ______ (hear) what I have to say.

We recommend that they ______ (be) prepared.

His mother forbids him to ______ (return) home late.


Señor Rivas is giving Tomás advice about his summer plans. Fill in the blanks with the subjunctive, indicative, or infinitive of the verbs from the list. Use each verb once.

advise learn attend know

do carry translate visit

MR. RIVAS Tomás, is it the first time you travel to another country?

TOMÁS Yes, Mr. Rivas, and I really want to go. I already paid the deposit to study in New York. The course starts on July 20. Is it hot there in July?

MR. RIVAS Yes, it’s very hot. I suggest that (1) ______ lightweight clothing: shorts, shirts, tennis shoes …

TOMÁS And the classes, are they going to be very difficult? I do not speak much English.

MR. RIVAS Well, you (2) ______ study. I ask you to (3) ______ to all your classes. But apart from classes there are other things you can do to improve your English. As I always tell students, I prohibit that (4) ______ from Spanish to English. Try to (Try) think about the language, you know?

TOMÁS It’s fine. I also wish (5) ______ more colloquial expressions. What should I do?

MR. RIVAS For that, I recommend that (6) ______ American friends. They can help you with your English and also show you interesting things about American culture.

TOMÁS What if I want to travel to other cities?

MR. RIVAS It is better to travel on weekends, so as not to miss classes. I beg you to (7) ______ cities like Boston.

TOMAS Why do you insist that (I) (8) ______ Boston?

MR. RIVAS Ah … because I studied English there, many years ago …



Write sentences using the information provided. Use the present subjunctive.



we / want / that / (you) / come / to / the party

We want him to come to the party.

I / ask you / what / (you) / give me / another chance

my cousins ​​/ suggest me / that / (me) / tell / the truth

Clara / wish / that / have / more / parties / your home

you / advise us / that / (we) / read / that book

you / beg / your neighbor / what / start / clean / your garden

my friends and I / insist / that / you / sit / eat / with us