Find a new link about the same article and Written Case Study Critique

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This article talks about, California wildfires have killed many people due to the lack of communication in the police. California highway patrol went door to door to warn people it was time to evacuate their homes. Residents feel that they were not notified when the fire got closer to their homes causing deaths to accrue. County sheriff admits that not many people may have received the notification due to the fire knocking out the cell phone towers and a lot of residents not having landline phones; Also the residents not signing up for the notification on their cell phones.

Find a new link about the same article and Written Case Study Critique

Your case study critique will be due on October 21 st. Papers that have excessive problems with

grammar, punctuation, spelling or typos will not be accepted. Your paper must be computer generated

and stapled. Should an emergency or crises arise, you must notify me as soon as possible and an

exception may or may not be made.

Early in the semester, you will need to locate a current event article that includes an interesting

communication dilemma/issue/case study. What communication errors, issues, problems have

recently occurred in this business? Was it an inter-generational communication issue? A social media

faux pas? Was it a lapse in ethical judgment? Was it crisis communication gone wrong? Did an

organization communicate using the wrong channel or medium? These are just a few examples of

issues you may see in the headlines of today. It’s important to pick a current event that can be solved

with the concepts from our readings and discussions.

You will be asked to turn in a four pages (page guideline only) critique of the article. If time is

permitted, we will also discuss it in a small or large group. In your paper, you will first summarize the

appropriate communication issues, problems, and business involved, etc., and second offer alternative

solutions using the knowledge you’ve gained during the first half of this course. You must use and

cite the class text (Bovee & Thill, 2014). Connect your solutions to recommendations made in the

text. All the aforementioned writing rules will apply to this assignment

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