First, explain to your reader the principles Antigone and Creon stand for

Discuss the many levels of conflict between Antigone and Creon.

The two main points of contention are 1) the principles each one stands for and 2) the personal feelings that seem to elevate this conflict from a simple dispute over ideals to a tragedy for all concerned.

First, explain to your reader the principles Antigone and Creon stand for.  That is, find places in the play where Antigone upholds the rights of the individual to live by her own personal, religious, and family values.  Then show how these values are opposed by the public, civic, and social concerns voiced by Creon, who holds that a government has a right to assert its authority and demand loyalty from its citizens.

Next, show how this conflict of ideals is further complicated by personal feelings, not the least of which is each one’s pride.  Identify places in the play where we see, for example, Creon stating his belief that Antigone’s actions and words make her an ungovernable young woman.  Show us things he says and does
that let us know Creon thinks Antigone is disobedient and rebellious, and if he does not control her, not only she will become a threat to (what Creon believes is) a man’s rightful authority over family and society, but he, Creon, will lose face.   Also show your reader Antigone’s personal stake in the argument – how as a woman
who has just entered into adulthood and has become the moral anchor of her family, she refuses to be dictated to (among other possible reasons because of her royal status).

You must use examples from the text, but keep these brief and concentrate on your explanations.   To cite the text, just place the line numbers in parentheses at the end of your quotation. Example: “Your quotation here” (771)

This assignment is worth 20 points.

One page (approximately 250 words) minimum. Times New Roman 10 font double spaced