five sequential states

Successful managers foster team work and collaboration. Research shows that teams or groups pass through five sequential states of development as they learn to work together to meet a common objective.

As managers, we will need to monitor and support our team through each stage of development.

Use the internet to conduct your research to write a report. Your report should cover the following points:

  • 1. Research one or two tactics or strategies for managing teams.
  • 2.¬†Use your current workplace or use your start up business (Bar and Grill) to describe how you would promote effective team management.
  • 3. Identify and explain how you would use virtual collaborative tools to manage teams.
  • 4. In conclusion, how does teamwork create a more successful organization?

Assignment Criteria

  • Your report should be approximately 2 pages long.
  • Use APA style to create this assignment. You are not required to create an abstract.