This is continuation to the work you have been assisting me with.  This is our proposed research topic


The proposed research topic is whether, emotional intelligence is a predictor of online learning success


My primary research question will be “Is emotional intelligence a predictor of online learning success?”

For this assignment I am using this book that must be used as a reference:

Understanding Research by W. lawrence Neuman 1st ed.  ISBN: 978-0205471539

Do you have access to this book or will I have to submit a copy of PG 133? 

If so, I will have to add it tonight when I get home.

Also, I am in San Antonio, TX as a ref for the time frame.  Thanks




Surveys and Measures


For this discussion section finds two peer reviewed academic journal articles that directly relate to your research topic for this class. Then, briefly describe the articles and then discuss the types of survey questions they asked and, in greater detail, the measures that the authors used. Be sure to include describe any scales or indices. If they do use them are they from the book (p.133)? What are their levels of measurement? Using the standards from the book, is there anything wrong with the questions? If so, describe how you would fix the questions and justify your argument using the bookYour response can be 500 words or less.


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