Go to this page on the library website

Oral or verbal foot notes, are how you present the references of the information to us. If you don’t give us the sources in your speech as oral citations, it is consider plagiarism and a zero will be given for the speech.

Part 2 Your Turn..

It is important to do thorough research on your two required researched speeches: Informative and Persuasive. It is also important and a requirement to orally cite those sources in your speech.

4. Go to this page on the library website http://library.daytonastate.edu/az.php? Do a search on your topic. Do a screen shot of your search and place it here.

5. Take TWO credible, academic sources that could be used for your Informative Speech and add them here in the proper Works Cited MLA format.

MLA Citations

6. After you put them here in the proper format, show here how you would orally cite them in your speech.

Oral Speech Citations