Headers that include your last name and page number

The summary-response essay is an essay of roughly 2 pages in length which you will write in response to the text attached. This essay requires you to capture the main argument(s) of the author(s) in question, and to compose a thoughtful, organized, and intelligent argument in response to the main argument put forth by the respective author(s). Though the nature of your argument may change depending on the reading, summary will continue to be a key component which will aid you in your attempt to analyze, interpret, evaluate, critique, compare, or contrast a given text. Give personal comments on the reading and compare why you agree or do not agree with an argument. Give examples why you agree/do not agree.

Essays must be typed and adhere to MLA formatting:

· 1-inch margins all around

· Double-spaced

· 12-point, Times New Roman, black font

· Headers that include your last name and page number

· Works Cited page using proper MLA citation (if necessary)

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