Digging for Facts _____1. The main character who tells most of the story is.. a) Peachey b) Dan c) Ike d) Eunice ______ 2. Peachey tries to find the names of tribes in the.. a) History books b) Encyclopaedia c) Atlas d) Almanac ______ 3. Peachey and Dan are familiar with the road as far as.. a) Oxus b) Raverty c) Jagdallak d) Bashkai ______ 4. The one thing that Carnehan says he and Dravot fear is.. a) Women b) Forests c) Drink d) Water ______ 5. The two things that make life worth living, says Carehan, are.. a) Agreed beforehand b) Stated in the Contrack c) A cause of argument d) Provided in the ritual _______ 6. The women that Dan intends to marry.. a) Loves him b) Has three Children c) Eats heavily d) Bites him _______ 7. The diamond-shaped scars on Peachey”s hands are from.. a) Being crucified b) Hard farm-work c) Battle d) Being careless while cooking ________ 8. When Peachey returns to tell the narrator his story, the narrator sends him to, a) the hospital b) the nursing home c) his aunts house d) the Asylum _______ 9. The thing that Peachey carries with him until he dies is a) a gold piece b) Dan’s Head c) a magic charm d) a rose _______ 10. The name of the place where Dan dies is a) Kafiristan b) Marwar c)Nasirabad d) England B. Probing for Theme Below are three statements about the theme of the story. Which one best fits “The Man Who Would Be King”? PLEASE BOLD your answer 1. It pays to be yourself because lying is always found out in the end. 2. Pride and arrogance often cause the downfall of a man. 3. Make-believe can be the means of achieving your goals. C. Short answer Answer the following in complete sentences; make sure you answer each part of the questions. 1. What kinds of things have Peachy and Dan done in their past to make you mistrust them at the beginning of the story? Why does the narrator have them turned back from the Degumber border? 2. What are the intentions of Peachy and Dan is traveling to Kafiristan? What does this tell you about their characters? Are their plans worthy of respect or not? 3. What kind of person of the narrator of the story? Why does he warn Peachy and Dan about the danger of their plans? What does the narrator’s emotion at the end of the story tell you about him as a man? 4. What is the main event which causes Dan’s and Peachey’s downfall at the Kingdom? Why does Billy Fish warn Dan not to carry through with his plan of marriage? 5. Is Peachy’s and Dan’s fate deserved or not? Do the natives have a just cause for what they do to them? Why or why not? E. Vocabulary Here are more words which you may have not been unfamiliar to you when you first read the story. First, you will see the original use of the word. After you have read the phrases, select the correct meaning from the four possible choices. ______ 1. inquiries ~” … but that’d mean inquiries for you and for me… a) questions b) trouble c) practice d) rewards ______ 2. barouches “…or drive them out of their mind with four-in-hand barouches.” a) whips b) swords c) carriages d) ceremonies ______ 3. foregathered “… could not do any good if the foregathered and personated correspondents…” a) harvested b) met c) anticipated d) assumed _______ 4. compositors “… and the all but naked compositors wiped the sweat from their foreheads…” a) composers b) workers c) writers d) typesetters _______ 5. subdued “… said Carnehan, with subdued pride…” a) controlled b) saddened c) finished d) tremendous Matching a. stalked b. perjurers c. feloniously d. gabardine e. tethered f. pirouetted g. obituary h. dispersed i. contrary k. personated 1. While we took a break from our ride we _________________ our horses to a tree. 2. His _____________ dispositions at schooling would make trouble for him later on. 3. Hungary for his dinner, the lion_______________ the deer quietly. 4. Dad’s old ___________ suit still looked well on him. 5. ____________ will be punished by imprisonment. 6. The two ballerina’s ____________________ on the stage 7. Clothing and other objects were ______________ throughout the rooms and we knew immediately that the house had been broken into. 8. The murderers ____________________ planned how they would kill their next victim. 9. The _____________________ notice in the evening paper came as a shock to us all. 10. The two actors did a fine job when they _________________ clowns. Writing Imagine that you were along with Peachy and Dan on the adventure. If you had been in charge instead of Dan, what would you have told them? Write 3 paragraphs describing your attitude toward Peachy, Dan and the expedition.

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