Here are the three topics from the research paper prompt:

I need this essay today by midnight.

For this essay, I would like you to choose one of the topics from the research paper prompt that

you are not writing about in your research paper, and plan and compose an argument that takes a

stand on the topic.

Here are the three topics from the research paper prompt:

• Underage criminals tried as adults

This can be as easy as arguing for underage criminals being tried as adults, or arguing against it.


• Develop an argument on this topic: claim, reasons, counterargument, rebuttal.

• Develop a strong and clear thesis statement: brief clear qualifier + strong clear stance +

robust rationale = strong thesis statement.

• Use one academic and one popular source to support your argument.

• Support your essay with at least 3 in-text citations in the form of quotes from at the two

sources you choose. Make sure to format your quotes according to MLA standards and

place in the paragraph according to the quote sandwich.

• Your essay must be 4-5 pages. Do not exceed 6 pages.

• You must include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. Your Works Cited page

cannot be counted as your fourth page.

• You must adhere to all MLA guidelines for this essay.

• You cannot use the personal pronouns (I, I’m, me, we, us) in your essay except in the

introduction and the conclusion.

• Your final draft of this assignment must be uploaded to

• This assignment is 15% of your grade and worth 100 points