Here is a second opportunity to display your leadership brand

Here is a second opportunity to display your leadership brand.  After completing at least 13 personal inventories from  your textbook  during the semester,  you are to put together a 4-6  page self-analysis containing of 3 parts.  Part I is using an analogyto depict your current perception of how  to illustrate your persona to a stranger (1-2 pages).  Part II is selecting at least 3 personal inventories that you completed and report your findings to document your analogy (2-3 pages).  Part III is identifying at least 3 things you need to work on to become an effective leader in the future.

Again, leaders write differently, speak differently, and act differently.  Therefore, think about submitting a paper that is creative– or quite unique from what you would typically expect in this instance. For example, using poetry, musical lyrics, a series of photos, or quotes throughout your paper are some ideas.  Again, put your thinking cap on and attempt to continue designing your leadership brand.