history civ homework

  1. Name:
    China and SE Asia Assignment

  2. Instructions
    This is not an essay quiz.  This is a 100 point short answer assignment.  Your answers must be complete and concise full sentences.  Answer the questions fully.

    Download the China and SE Asia PowerPoint in this section.  I have also attached the file to this assignment.

    Read the following questions and use the PowerPoint to answer the following questions:

    1. How did the Sui and Tang dynasties unite and expand China?

    2. How did the Song dynasty strengthen China’s government?

    3. What were some Tang and Song cultural achievements?

    4. How was this period a time of prosperity and social change?

    5. Why is Empress Wu met with disdain by many Chinese historians?

    6. How did Chinese innovations affect world history?

    7. How did foot binding reflect changes in attitudes toward women in China?

    8. How were the Mongols able to build a vast empire across much of Eurasia?

    9. How did Mongol rule in the Yuan dynasty affect life for the Chinese?

    10. What geographic factors have influenced Japan’s history and culture?

    11. How did Chinese influences affect Japan during this period?

    12. What were the major events and periods in early Korean history?

    13. How did trade influence Southeast Asia?

    14. How did development of early Vietnam differ from the development of kingdoms and empires in the rest of Southeast Asia?

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