History Essays

Due Monday June10th (Midnight)-Original Work Only Please.


General Guidelines:(Must be followed completely)

a) Each separate response should be 3-4 pages. (Total 6-7 pages)
b) Use citations from resources(websites below)
c) Structure your ideas and focus on the prompt.
d) This is not a research paper(more like essays)

e) This is not a summary assignment, so be sure to make your thesis/argument clear and support it.


A) Select one of the perspectives, Social, Culture, Political, Global, Military, Economic and use it to explain your understanding of one of the following:



Dissent in US History

Race and Identity

The American Dream

Nuclear Weapons/Power




Select either B or C:




B) Explore the interconnectedness of American Dream and the Nuclear Nightmare. How are they related? What are their implications?






C) To what extent and in what ways does the Civil Rights Era or The Vietnam War contribute to mythology about American Identity and History?







Mythic America Blog












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